The only chance for sustainability of the self is to join the Colony and partake in communal nourishment.
We occupy the body of a Divine Entity. This entity has gone by many names… some have called it Mother Earth, others God, Jehovah, Christ, Allah, Buddha, and the Angel Moroni. It is asking us to recycle its body. Only by ingesting its flesh can we become one with each other and the celestial spirit we live on.
We understand that intelligent beings will have a hard time coming to terms with this reality. That others might have trouble considering our rapturous truth in light of other religious beliefs and mythologies that are subscribed to.
Considering that the body we occupy, as some call “nature”, has seasons and cycles. Death and life are a reality. As knowledgeable, sentient beings we know this. We also know that our cycle must come to an end, it must change and we must adapt to an Otherness.
Adaptation to this Otherness finds us at an interesting time not only because we must partake in the recycling of the divine body we occupy, but because of where that finds us, where that finds you, where that finds those who would judge us, how we would speak of them and how they would speak of us?
We are members of a Colony without the distraction of sex and materialism, with only one goal… to nourish and participate in the survival of the Colony. Yes we have a mother and a father (and just like many of you, we do not know our father) from whence all of us came. We offer those interested in a chance to be part of this new time that is upon, a chance to lose the self to the greater whole and bathe each other in the nourishment of the Divine. Consumption.


Bert Bergen & Cori Crowley