Bert Bergen



San Francisco, CA

June 20th - August 27th, 2007


The Realm of Chirality exists beneath the surface of this planet and is only accessible through portholes in Antarctica. This is a world of sublime perfection through purified symmetry. Everything within this world is comprised of two asymmetrical objects that are mirrors of each other, or chirals, that come together to form a whole. Landscapes, sentient beings, plants, everything is bathed in the symmetry of being joined with a mirror image. This is a place that knows only unity, only harmony and this is physically manifested in the symmetry of the crystal structures encasing this realm. This is a universe of necessitated symbiosis for everything is two separate parts that need each other to form a functional whole.

Because of the sublime harmony that resonates within the Realm of Chirality, the immediate outside world is one of chaos and violence. The sentient beings that exist there strive to serve The Being of the All Knowing who has tormented them with promises of entering this Realm of Chirality. Attainment of achieved Harmony and the actualization of dreams are used as a means to exploit these sentient beings to toil at the labors which are forbidden for The Being of the All Knowing to perform. Because of this many non-indigenous sentient beings journey to Antarctica in hope of gaining access to the Realm of Chirality by achieving contact with The Being of the All Knowing.