Bert Bergen Artist Statement


I construct mythologies to examine things I am equally fascinated and repulsed by.  Through embracing this duality, I experience a sensation that allows me to view my surroundings as having a spiritual function and meaning in this plane of existence.



Bert Bergen was born on Whidbey Island in the Puget Sound of Washington State and raised by atheist libertarians in the surrounding rural areas. He focused on photography and gender studies while attending the Evergreen State College, WA and received a Bachelor of Liberal Arts Degree.  He later relocated to San Francisco and took classes at the Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts Graphica Department to learn screen-printing. He currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.
Bert has had solo exhibitions at Dose Projects (Brooklyn, NY), The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Windows (San Francisco, CA), Adobe Books (San Francisco, CA), and The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Artist’s Gallery (San Francisco, CA).  His work has been included in group exhibitions at ISE Cultural Foundation Gallery (New York, NY), Shizuoka University of Art and Culture Japan, Civilian Arts Project (Washington, DC), ArtScape (Baltimore, MD), and Southern Exposure (San Francisco, CA).  He has done residencies at Skylab Gallery (Columbus, OH) and Post Expose (Long Island City, NY). Publications that have featured his work include The Believer Magazine, the San Francisco Chronicle and Good Intentions.  He has
been a guest lecturer at the Evergreen State College and has designed for bands including Big Business, Om and Six Organs of Admittance.